5 Field Management, Duties, and Explanations

Management is one process that can never be separated from these 4 things namely POAC, planning which means planning, organizing which means organizing, actuating which means implementation and controling which means control or supervision. A job cannot run smoothly without these 4 things. We can imagine when an activity is not planned carefully, the results will also not be maximal, so also without an supervision an activity will not run optimally.

Senior management recruitment in Melbourne creates a good atmosphere from a process of achieving goals, with this division it is expected that all parties can focus and their respective goals. It is undeniable that work done together is more effective and efficient compared to work alone. Each field is given a jobdisc that must be implemented properly without disturbing the other field jobdisc.
Next we will discuss in detail the five areas of management:

Production Management

First is production management. We know that management is an activity to coordinate. While production itself is the process of producing an item or service. So that production management plays a role as how we coordinate, manage or manage the factors of production itself starting from the manufacturing and production processes including production factors such as:

• Raw materials, materials which are the basis for making a production material
• Auxiliary materials, materials which become the attachment of raw materials
• Labor, ranging from managers to goods transport workers
• Depreciation of production equipment, production equipment can not always be used forever then one day it will be damaged so that it needs to be repaired or replaced
• Capital and capital interest
• Rent (building or other equipment), if there is something that we cannot own, we need rent
• Transportation Administration
• Electricity, telephone and water costs
• Security cost
• Insurance for all equipment and all workers
• Marketing of corporate taxable goods

Marketing Management

Marketing management. Marketing management here plays an important role during the distribution process or the process of delivering goods to consumers. Aims to improve the sales of the products produced. The things done include adlah research with the market, aims to find out what the desires of consumers, in accordance with the tastes of consumers.

Financial Management

Financial management means managing the entry and exit of funds, meaning that it is concerned with income and expenses in a company or organization. Aim to maximize profits and minimize the lowest losses. Activities undertaken include cooperation with fund-raising parties in order to avoid misunderstandings, regulate the finances concerned with sourcing investments and use of investments, regulate and determine the distribution of the profits of the company obtained, and those that last and must be present in the finances are financial statements. details and details in order to know the entry and exit of funds used.

Human Resource Management

Management of human resources. Humans also need to be coordinated and managed so that in achieving company goals they can work together and are under the auspices of the company’s vision and mission. Managing human resources will actually facilitate the process of achieving the goals of the company itself and of course will produce qualified employees at work. So that with good quality in all these management processes in the company the essence will impact on consumers. Consumers will increase the demand for goods from the results of quality employees, thereby increasing profits from the company. If the profit from a company goes up, it will affect its employees again, that is the company’s profit sharing.

Accounting Management and Administration

Accounting management and administration. The focus of management accounting and administration is on information services in the field of administration and accounting itself, this aims to determine policy in operational settings. The data used are considered important if there is a need for information, or used as a summary of the long-term policy determination. Activities undertaken in accounting management or administration are abbreviated to 5P (collection, recording, grouping, reporting, and interpretation) this is done in company data. Data order –