How to find your father when you don’t know him?

Many teens and adults grow up not knowing their fathers. However, thanks to technology it is easier to track down a person, even when you don’t know them. While DNA testing for paternity is the only tool that establishes whether you have a biological connection to a man, you must find him first. To find your father, you need to have some background information. Your mother or other family members can give you more details to use in your search. Before you can use DNA testing by to determine if you are your father’s son or daughter, you must use the information you have to find him. Start with a Google search by entering his first and last name. If you have a photo, scan it and use Google’s photo search to see if you can find a match.

Social networks are powerful

One of the functions that made Facebook popular is the “people you might know” feature. This is where you can find schoolmates you haven’t seen for years or even family members you have lost contact with. Facebook allows you to search for people by specifying their first and last name, as well as the places where you think they live. If you don’t get anything, try searching for the names of people who have had a connection with your alleged father. For example, if you know a former co-worker of your alleged father or a relative, search for them on Facebook. Then go to that person’s friends section and see if you can find your alleged father there. If you have a photo, you can search for groups on Facebook oriented to a city or state.

How to contact your dad for the first time?

You should adapt the first message you send to your alleged father to your particular situation. That is, if your father does not know you, starting with “Hello, I am your son/daughter” is not a good idea. It is best to start with an introduction about yourself and who your mother is. Then you can mention that your mother told you that this man might be your father and that you would like to check if he is interested in meeting you. Here you should be prepared for rejection. It may also happen that your alleged father does want to see you, although you should never go and meet with him alone. Keep in mind that even if you both share DNA, this is a person you do not know.